Securing Risk

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We Secure Risk for MSMEs in Bharata.

We Secure Risk to ensure you run your business smoothly.

InfoSec company in Bengaluru, Karnataka

Focussed and Dedicated Information Security Company in the Silicon Valley of India.

Offensive Security Certified Experts

Experienced and Dedicated, Passionate, Ethical Hackers who are proactive in securing any organisation’s risk.

Trusted by many Indian MSMEs

Being ProActive and thinking like a malicious hacker is one such thing. And remediating will enhance the security posture.

Is a lack of Cyber Defenders preventing your business from Data Breaches?

We at Secure Risk – have both Cyber Defenders and Offensive Security Experts. We not only find the vulnerabilities but also proactively fix those vulnerabilities. We have both Red Teamers and Blue Teamers.

Securing Multi-Cloud – AWS, Azure, GCP, Oracle Cloud, and Alibaba Cloud has become much easier as we partnered with Secure Risk.

– Pete Strong, Colossus Development

Our Solutions

Cloud VA + PT

We perform Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing for any Cloud – Amazon AWS, Google Cloud GCP, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud, Rackspace or Private and Hybrid Clouds.

Network VA + PT

We perform Security Assessments, including VA + PT, for any Networking devices such as Network Routers, Network Switches, Wireless Networking Access Points and Controllers.

Server VA + PT

Whether it is a Windows Domain Controller running Active Directory or a UNIX/Linux Server running LDAP – we secure by simulating like an attacker. We perform Windows and Linux Penetration Testing.

Web VA + PT

Whether Web2 or Web3 – We ensure the exploitable high-severity risks are mitigated. Even before malicious hackers take advantage of it, our Web Apps Penetration Testing ensures to stay ahead of the curve.

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